• Fruit/berry: Currants

  • Type: Doux

  • Variety: Rondom

  • Vintages: 2017, 2018, 2021

  • Alcohol: 10% vol.

  • Gold medal at the International Food Contest 2018

Rondom is a sweet sparkling currant wine. Rondom is made from hand-sorted Danish currants of the variety Rondom. The Danish currants have optimal conditions in the Nordic climate where the temperature differences between the cool nights and the long bright days give a long ripening time, which develops fantastic aroma and a completely unique acid profile. The currants are stomped and fermented at low temperature together with the skins to give the tasty wine. Before fermenting the currant wine a second time in a bottle, it is blended with our apple wine to create the perfect balance between aroma and acidity. Before the wine is disgorged, it has been stored in a bottle for a minimum of 12 months. Finally, dosage is added, which makes Rondom a sparkling dessert wine.

Rondom is served cold for summer aperitifs, or as a perfect accompaniment to desserts like white chocolate mousse, creme brulee, cheesecake, pancakes with ice cream and cheese.