“Lots of cider and gooseberries in the aroma. Extremely rich in flavor with an incredible acid level. Only 2 % alcohol, but huge wine, where I am almost stunned by the quality. High Repurchase Factor!”
Rolf Madsen,

  • Fruit/berry: Apple

  • Type: Doux

  • Variety: Discovery

  • Vintages: 2016 – 2022

  • Alcohol: 2 % vol.

  • Gold at the International Food Contest 2017
    Silver at International Cider World 2017
    Silver at the International Food Contest 2016

Discover is a sweet sparkling apple wine with a low alcohol percentage. Discover is made from early harvested Danish Discovery apples. In the Nordic climate, Discovery apple has optimal conditions. The temperature differences between the cool nights and the long bright days give the apple a long ripening time, which develops a fantastic aroma and a completely unique acid profile.

Discover is served chilled and recommended for aperitifs or as an accompaniment to fish, seafood, sushi, chicken, cheese and sour desserts.